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Bad Puppy - Peter Uman, Casper Ivarsson

Description: Casper Ivarsson returns from the gym needing a massage and Peter Uman is happy to oblige. Casper pulls his shirt off, lays down face first on the bed and Peter begins rubbing his back. Peter slides off Casper's pants, rolls him over and begins massaging his chest and abs. Working his way down he spies a large bulge in Casper's underwear so he slips them off as well. Peter grabs Casper's uncut cock and begins jacking it as the two kiss. Casper's cock springs to full-mast as Peter's mouth sucks up every last inch. It's not long before Peter slips out of his jeans and underwear, his cock is standing straight up and Casper moves in attempting to swallow the entire thing. Our two young studs quickly turn each other on and Casper moves to sit down on Peter's thick, uncut cock. Peter begins thrusting from below and with each thrust Casper's dick gets harder and starts flopping up and down. Casper kneels on the bed, Peter comes in behind him, shoves his cock back into Casper's hole and the ass-fucking continues. Finally, laying on their side with Casper's leg in the air, he starts jacking his cock as Peter continues to fuck his hole. Peter drives his cock deeper and that is all it takes for Casper. His nuts tighten up and he blows a thick, creamy load of jizz all over the bed. Peter pulls out and with just the slightest touch of his hand on his cock he squirts his own load all over his abs and crotch."
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