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Skylar Snow's dream come true, joins to bi threeway

Description: Skylar Snow and Jay Tee are enjoying a nice hike together, and Jay asks Skylar out on a date. Skylar reminds him that she's married to Draven Navarro, so Jay quickly apologizes. But then Skylar says that she's fine with fucking Jay, because she and her husband have an open relationship. This makes Jay very happy and he kisses her, but then Skylar says that there's one condition: if Jay wants to have sex with her, then he has to have sex with Draven as well! Jay is surprised at first, but then agrees to give it a try.They go back to Skylar's house, so Draven can watch as Skylar sucks Jay's cock. Then all three of them strip down for even more fun, with Draven pounding his cock into Skylar as she continues to stroke and suck Jay. Eventually, the guys start to touch each other's cocks as well, as the threesome continues to heat up!
Sponsored by: BiPhoria
Categories: Bisexual Anal
Models: Skylar Snow
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