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4062 Robbie Caruso

Description: When we fade in on young pup Robbie Caruso, he has relaxed into a mound of pillows ready for a brief interview. We learn that Robbie is a dancer, loves stripping and most often you can catch him performing in Palm Springs. Robbie tells us his best asset is his hot ass and he quickly jumps up to prove it. He pulls off his shirt, pulls down his shorts and spreads his ass wide open. When he turns around and pulls his underwear down his cock is rock-hard and pointing straight up. Robbie climbs on the bed, bends over and begins fingering his hole. He gets his juices flowing and rolls over on the bed. He pulls his legs back, exposing his tight hole. His fingers go right to work on his hole, massaging and probing as deep as possible. With his other hand, he starts jacking his cock. Robbie has not gotten off in five days preparing for this scene. He's obviously ready to cum and appears to be quite worked up. His balls are huge and apparently quite full because when this young man shoots his load, cum (and a LOT of it) goes flying everywhere. Jizz flies all over him, the bed, and it would not surprise me if it hit the wall behind his head."
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