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Ready for Bi - Alora Jaymes, Jackson Traynor

Description: Alora Jaymes and her boyfriend Justin Matthews are young, in love and open minded. During an intimate evening in, Justin gives Alora a special present, something that they've been talking about for a long time and are finally ready to try... a strap-on dildo. Alora delicately slides the big fake cock into his inexperienced ass and Justin moans with delight. With Alora's coaching it's not long before Justin is taking it like a champ. When the couple are interrupted by their roommate Jackson Traynor, they decide that the strap-on doesn't need to be the only thing that Justin tries for the first time, sucking Jackson's long, thick cock and letting him fuck his tight hole in a passionate bisexual threesome. Alora and Justin take turns getting pounded by Jackson and each other in this romantic bi scene.
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Categories: Bisexual