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Bad Puppy - Kovy Donovan

Description: Kovy Donovan called out of the blue one night letting me know that he was in town for 24 hours and would like to hook up. He is just out of the military and I 've not seen him in person for 2 years. He claims he has been working out really hard and he felt he was ready to be in front of the camera. When I opened the door and saw this strapping young man; built like a brick house, my jaw hit the floor. He had certainly bulked up over the last 2 years. He came in and after a brief catch-up Kovy was ready to get down to business. He very seductively; but, quickly pulls off his shirt, pants and underwear. His cock is already rock hard and from the smile on his face and the look in his eye I believe he 's enjoying being in front of the camera. Kovy lies back on the bed; grabs his cock and begins to pleasure himself. He rolls over; his ass in the air with his legs spread wide open. His asshole is just begging for a tongue to be buried in it. Lying back on the pillows Kovy spreads his legs again, grabs his cock with one hand and starts working his tight little hole with his other hand. He gives us quite the show; but, as his balls tighten Kovy 's eyes roll back in his head and squirts a thick load of thick, creamy jizz all over his six-pack stomach."
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