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Mario Vertigo - Antony Carter

Description: The sight of huge muscular Jawked hunk Mario Vertigo working out with his bulging arms and massive hairy pecs flexing is enough to have any young sporty buck boned up and ready for some fun. Antony Carter is no exception. When the gorgeous young guy finds the big man working out in the bedroom he's not exactly subtle about his desires. He watches from the bed and soon has his hand down his shorts to play with his swelling dick. It might be a surprise for Mario, but the big man isn't going to say no when his young buddy wants to come and feel his bulging muscles. He's the kind of man most guys watch in the gym and he loves the attention. He can't continue his traditional workout for long, especially not when their lips meet and Antony seems determined to go down on his rigid muscle man cock. It seems all that weight lifting was mostly just a warmup, because the taste of hard penis soon has Mario eager to work all his other muscle groups with some anal pounding. With both having had their fill of delicious dick and with some licking of young Antony's tight little hole big man Mario is easing his naked muscle meat into his pucker, fucking him from behind right there on the couch. It's evident Antony is enjoying this workout just as much as the muscle hunk, his hard cock in his rubbing fist while he rides the older man and pumps his pucker up and down on the rigid length inside his ass. Mario finally reaches his workout goals when young Antony spurts his cream over his smooth body in a great release, the big guy is quick to pull his own penis out and wank himself to a huge splashing jizz shot firing right over the boy's shoulder and drenching his stomach. No doubt Mario is going to have a workout buddy to share his sessions with every day after this.
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