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Dmitry Osten - Elio Pjatteryd

Description: I think we all agree that if we had handsome and sporty Dmitry Osten naked in the shower nearby we would probably want to snoop on him too, so let's not condemn young and horny Elio Pjatteryd for his own curiosity in this Jawked video. Although he probably didn't want to be caught spying on the gym going stud playing with his hardening cock in the bathroom it seems to work in his favor. Although Dmitry pretends to be offended he can't miss out on an opportunity to get that pumped up penis sucked. Dmitry offers the twink his swollen meat and the boy gobbles it greedily, sucking on the head and slurping down the hot shaft, drinking the precum leaking from the bulging tip. Things only get better for the boy when Dmitry leads him to the bedroom, unable to resist giving the boy what he clearly wants. He strips the twink and licks his hot little hole before driving his desperate gym boner deep into the boy's guts, fucking the twink hard from behind. Blond Elio is in heaven, his big dick rigid while he rides the handsome young man, then lays back for an even deeper fucking, wanking himself off until his cum is bursting out of his uncut length and making a gooey mess over his tight little stomach. Finally it's time for Dmitry to get his own gym cream bursting from his cock, jacking his jock meat hard and fast until his semen is showering the boy's balls and dick with hot goo. Next time Dmitry will probably skip the shower wank and head straight to Elio.
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Models: Dmitry Osten